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Out and Equal

Out and Equal screenshot

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Honey Farms Living

Honey Farms Living screenshot

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Curavi Health

Curavi Health screenshot

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How Many Apocalypses Have I Survived?

How Many Apocalypses Have I Survived? screenshot

I’m surprised at how easy it is to survive the end-times as predicted by mediums, prophets, clergy, mathematicians, charlatans, and true-believers. …

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Glitchy 3bit dither

Glitchy 3bit dither screenshot

I’d like to officially introduce my new pet project, Glitchy 3bit Dither, it’s an in-browser emulation of glitch art techniques. …

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BAMP Festival of Homes mobile site

BAMP Festival of Homes mobile site screenshot

Here’s the Builders Association in the Metropolitan Pittsburgh Festival of Homes mobile site at bamp.songwhale.com …

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HTML5 Notepad

Here’s a little html5 notepad using localStorage. Check it out …

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Border Radius Toy

Border Radius Toy screenshot

This is my CSS3 Border-Radius Toy, it’s kind of a rip-off of a rip-off of BorderRadius.com …

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Automotive Search Tool & API

Automotive Search Tool & API screenshot

This was an interesting project that had a few iterations before it’s current state. …

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Automotive Mobile site template.

Automotive Mobile site template. screenshot

Here is a base-template I pitched and developed for use on car dealership mobile sites. It’s a minimalist design, made to work on the widest variety of software/firmware possible from your favorite flip-phone to a top-of-the-line Blackberry. …

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Medrespond - Cancer Clinical Trials

Medrespond - Cancer Clinical Trials screenshot

I worked for MedRespond for a time; During which I created all the broadcast-graphics and videos for their Cancer Clinical Trials Project for UPMC. …

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