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Apocalypse Survival is Easy.

I’m surprised at how easy it is to survive the end-times as predicted by mediums, prophets, clergy, mathematicians, charlatans, and true-believers. In 2012, it was the Mayan Calendar Doomsday predictions, which were ignored - and later denounced - especially by Mayans. In 2011, it was Harold Camping predicting first May 21st, and when that fell through October 21st, would be the end-times of Revelations. In ancient Rome there was a prophecy that 12 eagles revealed to Romulus the lifespan of Rome. Some believed each eagle to represent 10 years, bringing the end in 634 BCE; others that the eagles represented days in a year setting the end in 389 BCE. Neither one were even close to being correct, Rome and the Roman Empire didn’t fall until the 400’s CE. These sorts of predictions are occasionally popular in some circles but so far have never come true. Some people are unduly distressed when they find themselves soon to be facing the end of the universe as we know it in a massive cosmic event, so I’ve decided to try and quell their fears. Maybe knowing you’ve likely survived a dozen or more moments of universal doom will also give you solace, knowing that the next time the world faces the final judgement won’t be the last.

Apocalypse Survival

This single-page app fetches a JSON feed from wikipedia’s List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events and parses out years, comparing them with the input year and tallying the number of failed predictions since then. It stores this data locally on initial load, and loads it from the local on subsequent loads.

find out how many apocalypses you’ve survived, today! or view the source on github