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BAMP Festival of Homes mobile site

Here’s the Builders Association in the Metropolitan Pittsburgh Festival of Homes mobile site at bamp.songwhale.com

BAMP Screenshots

This little humdinger has a back end written with python/django, I’m also using geopy to assist in calculating distances for the map. The front end uses Google Maps APIv3 HTML5 and CSS3. Django’s built-in admin back end made data-entry a breeze, although I wish it had built-in table alteration, changing your models is a pain in the butt, I didn’t want to figure out South with very little data to migrate.

This was my first time running an nginx server, it’s a big difference from apache. The configs are a lot cleaner, definitely more like python than markup. The uwsgi was used to run python and since it’s packaged with nginx setup was a breeze. The Database was in postgres, although I could’ve used postGIS to do the distance calculations and bypass geopy, I was already in too deep to change it. This is a pretty nice stack.

I kept the design minimal and fluid to support the widest array of browsers. Django’s templating is awesome, you can do a lot with it without getting in the way of your html.