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How to style the List Component with AS3

Back in the good ol’ days to style the list component’s over state all you needed was:


But flash had to become more OOP-like, and EMCA-like so that went out the window … After playing for several hours with the setStyle, setRendererStyle, and any other class/command with Style in the name I finally figured out the new secret that Adobe doesn’t really let on in it’s help files, or on LiveDocs. Without further ado, the code to style a list component’s over state is:

    var newBG:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
    myList.setRendererStyle("overSkin", newBG);

You can also use Sprite, and Shape in place of the movie clip so… after a few nights of pulling my hair out, I found it … and sure, it’s cool to be able to draw anything into that background with the drawing API, but it sucks that instead of just changing a setting, you’ve gotta do all that.

I hope this helps somebody else out there.