JKirchartz's Demos Etc.

Welcome, I'm glad you're here. Check out some of these ideas I've thrown together, kick the tires, let me know what you think.

This site is a work in progress, so please check back again and see what's new.

The Goods

  1. Glitchy 3bit Dither

    Modify image files in unpredictable ways, following the new aesthetic.

  2. How Many Apocalypses Have I Survived?

    The 2012 "Mayan Calendar" prediction was bunk, but how many other apocalypses did you survive?

  3. Minimal Toolkit

    Minimal toolkit in html/js, random colors, unshorten URLs, URI encode/decode, and more.

  4. Job Portal

    Search, map, and discover your commute for jobs from indeed.com

  5. Remote Work

    Automatically apply search terms for remote jobs.

  6. Fake Russian Generator

    Turns english into pseudo-russian, also available as an NPM package

  7. Library of Babel

    Imitate Borges' fantastic Library.

  8. HTML5 notepad app

    Auto-saves every 500 ms. & on close, in 5 lines of javascript, HTML5 rocks! (ok, I added a polyfill, to support older browsers, so it's a lil' more than that.)

  9. Voice Experiments

    Some experiments featuring TTS and speech synthesis

  10. CodeMirror notepad app

    Auto-saves on change & close, with the power of CodeMirror

  11. OKview

    This is an automatic writing app based on the one sentence description of "Grandview" provided on wikipedia.

  12. css3 multi-button

    Hiding extra content and links in buttons.

  13. bookmarklets

    A Collection

  14. Browser Size

    A tool for determining browser dimensions, suitable for input to chrome's dev tools emulator.

  15. Border Radius Toy

    Edit the 4 corners of a radius in uneven ways, might help find some neat effects or replace an image occasionally; output's the CSS3 code.

  16. ds-10 buttons

    Emulating the drum-pad button animation from the Korg DS-10 with CSS3

  17. HSL fun

    HSL color spinner.

  18. Web Workers

    Toying with Web Workers

  19. Web Components

    Toying with Web Components

  20. Sewn

    simple stitched look with a png texture and border:dashed.

  21. CSS3 Logo Demo

    Mod personal logo with css3 box-shadow.

  22. Codepen

    My collection of demos and projects in the sandbox

  23. JSFiddle

    My collection of demos and projects in the sandbox

  24. Github

    My collection of git repositories, including this very site.

  25. Awesome Stars

    My collection of starred github repos, who knows what cool stuff is in here!


A collection of presentations I may or may not have already given