J.Kirchartz Web Yinzer

The Most Innovative Checkout Form Ever

I don’t know if you’re ready for this - it might blow your mind…

  • Name: [ Full Name (as seen on card) ]
  • Billing Address: [ Full Address ]
  • Shipping Address (if different): [ Full Address ]
  • Credit Card #: [ can’t you guess? ]
  • CCV: [ verification # from the back of the card ]

Kablooie! That’s all you need! Seriously - Don’t take 6 pages and 23 forms - just get the sale & be done with it! One field is more than enough for each type of information, if you need it split out you can parse it on the backend (We have the technology), it doesn’t have to be a front-end issue. You can even help the user input this information in the appropriate format if you want, just make sure you account for all possibilities (i.e. full zipcode: #####-####) Don’t leave room for doubt, nobody has time for that, so don’t forget to always be closing!