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Rocking StackOverflow: Sites to Troubleshoot Code in Your Browser

StackOverflow is an awesome community, devs helping devs become better devs, it’s a nice concept. More often than not, solving these problems will require setting up a test somewhere, for javascript that’s easy just use jsfiddle, but other languages you might have some work to do. I often hear my fellow dev’s asking “Is there a JSFiddle for…” almost any programing language. Well, friend, here’s my list of sites, sandboxes, and demos that make writing & repairing code with your browser all sorts of easier:

server-side / programming languages

* these cover multiple languages


javascript / html / css

validators / cleaners


mod_redirect & just about anything else, just don’t parse html.


include a library into your sandbox

image placeholders

no images yet want to show some?



Other interesting things that don’t fit above.

Ivan Zuzak has compiled another list of online tools that might be helpful, check out The Web engineer’s online toolbox.

update 3: My blog now runs on Jekyll/Github, to add to the list you can fork & make a pull request!