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Ableton Live 8 Looper & Korg nanoPAD

The music of Yoav is heavily loop based, due to the fact that every sound is either produced by his guitar or his voice. To accomplish this he has several looping delay pedals; In some of his videos on youtube you can clearly see the Boss RC-20XL. These pedals are fun to play with because you can loop and overdub anything placed into the input, then improvise over the loop creating nearly any sound possible. Recently Keyboard Magazine ran a 2-part article on using multiple loopers with live, but their instructions are a little unclear unless you’re familiar with Live.

Over the weekend I’ve experimented and played around a lot and produced this Live 8 set, and nanoPAD preset. I don’t suggest using the nanoPAD with your feet, but for beatboxing in the style of BeardyMan this will get you there. To get instructions, tips, and download the Live set w/ nanoPAD preset, please continue reading.

The software needed is:

Alright, here’s the setup:

Ableton Live Screenshot

Now you’re good to go. Hit the button you assigned to send & then tap the MPTB button to start recording, do something awesome, then tap the MPTB button again to switch from recording to playing. To overdub tap the MPTB button and lay something down but I suggest tapping off the send and switching to your next send to lay down something funky for the next section. Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

Double tapping on the MPTB will stop the looper, and holding down the MPTB for 2 seconds will clear the recording, freeing up a loop for future use.

If you want to grab my looper setup & live set it’s right here:

download: 6loops.rar