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My Entries & Code for NaNoGenMo

NaNoGenMo 2019

Sherlock Shuffle 4.0: Sinclair Lewis Caroll

Combine Sinclair Lewis’s “Fresh Air” with Lewis Caroll’s “Alices’ Adventures in Wonderland”

This modifies the Shecklock Shuffle algorithm from last year to utilize my pos2tracery package/tool in some more creative ways than just parsing pos tags to keys.

The publishing mechanism attempted this year has been modified from Ben Harris’s Tildeverse Zine



Inspired by surrealism and dadaism, Triptograph combines a variant of my image-generator of the same name replicating a surrealist photography technique, combined with pos2tracery generating text and de-attributed “quotes” about dreams, and a poetry generator written entirely in bash script that I’ve named “T.T(Y)zara” after Tristan Tzara for his cut-up technique. I have hopes of improving this after NaNoGenMo to generate zines, but for now GNU Make is frustrating me.



There were a few other things I was playing with:

  1. a bash script that puts you in the drivers seat of bigram Markov text generation which I’ve decided would be better as a vim plugin (sorry EMACS fans, you probably already have this functionality)
  2. the very beginnings of a more analytical sort of pos2tracery made with a node.js nlp library called compromise with a unique pos tagger and some interesting functions