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My Entries & Code for NaNoGenMo

NaNoGenMo 2018

Sherlock Shuffle 3.0

Using pos2tracery to tag parts of speech to create a tracery grammar which is then used to reconstruct Sherlock Holmes novels, one sentence at a time. (This actually forks and modifies the pos2tracery code, but has resulted in me discovering and fixxing a bug in that codebase)



Take the same basic concept as Sherlock Shuffle, rewrite it with winkjs and improve upon it as much as I can - then use it to reconstruct Frank L Baum’s Oz novels.

(Get it? Winkjs? Winkies? Oz?)



According to wikipedia:

A vocabularyclept poem is a poem which is formed by taking the words of an existing poem and rearranging them into a new work of literature.

This script grabs 10 random poems from’s API, and replaces each word in every line with another word with the same syllable count