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My Entries & Code for NaNoGenMo

NaNoGenMo 2017

Beatles Bible

I still wanted to get Beatles Bible working converting song lyrics to a chapter & verse reference, and after previous issues sourcing the corpus I was fortunate @nossidge offered a folder full of Beatles lyrics.

so again, I reiterate:

Music has always been a religious experience for me, perhaps easily referencable lyrics will have an effect on future theologians.

Presenting: The Complete Beatles Bible


Since updating my Glitchy3bitDither project to run in node.js I was able to script some graphic components to go with the generated text to create a comic-book-style AESTHETIC look book. Combining Markov with tracery, I sourced some dada & other manifestos from and, creating a corpus for Markov to work with, and using a POS tagger to generate a tracery file to generate sentences with similar sentence structure to source materials.